Concrete and Asphalt Specialists

Thinking about asphalt for your new driveway? At Peninsula Paving, we think that’s a great idea. 

All the advantages of asphalt

At Peninsula Paving, we love asphalt paving because we know it has many advantages. If you’re trying to decide between asphalt and concrete, here is some information which might help. One of the advantages of asphalt is the cost, which can be much lower than that of concrete and it is also cheaper to repair. Another advantage is speed. An asphalt driveway is faster to construct than a concrete one and you can use it sooner too. Asphalt is a flexible pavement which means it is less likely to crack than concrete and it’s easier to repair if you do get cracks. Of course, some people prefer concrete over asphalt because of the lighter colour and the way it reflects rather than attracts heat. 

Whatever your choice in driveway, Peninsula Paving are your paving professionals on the Mornington Peninsula.