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Need asphalt repairs in Melbourne? Peninsula Paving are the artists in asphalt.

All about asphalt 

Next time you need your asphalt repaired, the team at Peninsula Paving are the ones to call. We take care and precision in all our asphalt repairs because we simple love asphalt! for example, we love an asphalt driveway because they’re faster to construct than concrete ones and they can be used more quickly. But have you ever wondered about where that beautiful asphalt comes from? Asphalt (also known as bitumen) is a highly viscous liquid or semi-solid form of petroleum. It can be found in natural deposits or might be a refined product. The use of asphalt dates back to BC times. In the early Indus community, it was used to line the baskets for crops. 

Whether it’s an asphalt driveway, road or any asphalt paving, call the experts at Peninsula Paving. We’ll have that asphalt repaired in no time.